Angiosarcoma Awareness Inc has provided a $25k grant to the Broad Institute

Broad Institute

Angiosarcoma Awareness provided a $25k grant to the Broad Institute in order to obtain and ship living tumor samples from angiosarcoma patients to the Cancer Cell Line Factory.

Each cancer center may only see a small handful of patients with a given rare tumor a year, making the collection of living tissue samples—at the scale required to create laboratory cell models to drive research—nearly impossible. To be able to develop the model derivation effort in this disease, the Cancer Cell Line Factory (CCLF), plans to continually collect angiosarcoma tumor samples using the direct-to-patient online mechanism with Rare Cancer Research Foundation (RCRF). Additionally, we will combine this effort with the existing collaboration of MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDA) to elaborate the genomic credential of received samples and the model derivation pilot.

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