Unprecedented angiosarocma research opportunities

Because angiosarcoma is an exceedingly rare cancer, it has never been the focus of large scale scientific endeavors. However, patients are now able to participate in two research projects aimed at understanding this disease in order to make discoveries which may lead to better therapeutic options.

Please visit both projects below for more information:

Angiosarcoma Project

The Angiosarcoma Project takes a new approach to cancer research, by partnering researchers directly with patients, regardless of where they live. Patients with angiosarcoma around the country can share their samples and clinical information in order to speed important discoveries. This project allows researchers to study patients’ cancer using cutting-edge genomic and molecular research studies performed at the non-profit Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. The goal of this project is to generate the largest database of genomic and clinical information about angiosarcoma and share it with the entire biomedical community in order to rapidly facilitate discoveries. This project uses stored tissue samples that are left over from previous procedures that patients may have had during their treatment.

pattern.org logo

Launched by the Rare Cancer Research Foundation, Pattern.org is a flexible platform bridging the gap between cancer patients and scientists. Pattern.org enables cancer patients to directly donate their fresh tumor tissue  to high-impact research projects; this helps scientists develop next generation cancer models, which will be made widely available to the research community. Using these models, researchers can identify cancer’s key points of vulnerability and accelerate drug development. This project uses fresh samples that are taken at the time of surgery or biopsy.

Angiosarcoma Awareness’s own Dr. Corrie Painter is involved in both of these projects, and they are truly groundbreaking in their methodologies and scope. Please check them out and share these important opportunities with other members of the angiosarcoma community!

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